Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Benefits of a Non-Sedation Approach to Children’s Dentistry

Good parenting can be difficult, especially when it involves important decision-making processes that directly affect the health and safety of our children. We want to protect our children from harm, but we also want to teach them how to function responsibly in our world. So, when it comes to sedating our children for general dental procedures, where do we draw the line and what approach should be taken?

When is Dental Sedation for Children Acceptable?

Each person’s situation is unique and what may be right for one patient may not be the correct approach for another. We evaluate each case individually and make the best decision for each patient on a case-by-case basis.

Generally, sedation during dental procedures is recommended when the procedure is more involved and time-consuming, and there may be concerns with the child’s anxiety during the procedure. A root canal is a good example of when dental sedation would be considered for a minor.   

Avoid Complications with Non-Sedation Dentistry 

There are medical risks involved with sedation dentistry for any age group. Complications can potentially arise depending on the patient or the specific circumstances as there is no risk free sedation method. Non-sedationdentistry eliminates problems that include:

·         Sickness or Nauseous after the procedure
·         Children will not be lethargic, confused or disorientated after the procedure is complete.
·         Non-sedation methods will not impact school, daycare or other physical activities after the procedure is complete.
·         The extra cost of the drug and administration when applicable.

The Pros for your Child When Opting Out of Dental Sedation

You can provide your child with the education and skills they will need to successfully maintain their long-term oral health by just opting out of any dental sedation while they are young and still growing.

Children learn very quickly that to avoid getting cavities, they must make good food and drink choices and improve their brushing and flossing habits. By avoiding sedation you not only decrease the cost of your child’s dental care, but also eliminate the potential risk of side effects.

Contact our North Scottsdale pediatric dental office today and schedule an appointment with pediatric dentist,  Dr. Korf. Your child’s dental needs will be treated with care to build and maintain good oral health.

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